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Sunday, 18-Sep-2011 07:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Crazy price

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Handbags</a></b>Girls talk about their romance left behind three sections: "first boyfriend, handsome casual, comfortable casual. To get along for two months, just had intimate relations, they went straight to me say 'bye'." "No. second term boyfriend, also cool chic, and comfortable with sex. is along a small half, got my body, they start out, and forced me to say 'bye'. "" third boyfriend, more handsome casual, more comfortable casual. so far together for only a month, just developed to 'bed stage', they began to say to me 'we two are actually not suitable' ... "Finally the girl asked:" Why water fickle world of men I met? "I reluctantly shook his head: Who told you the taste has not changed too?

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Outlet</a></b>Albert Einstein said: crazy is repeating the same thing, but expect different results. The crazy woman is always in love with the same class of men, but expect them to write their own different results. In fact, every love, after love, women seem to be working to find the upgrade version of first love: both are similar, but not convergence. Feel to be similar to the conditions to be stronger. So, love the way the woman will not ring true ring true. For love is concerned, there is the beginning of what is often way to determine a lifetime of love. Women who are doing these crazy things to consider when to accept the final cost of that crazy! "That stupid woman, a man obviously does not love her, no one could see, she can not see it!" "That's stupid man, a woman is obviously for the money with him, actually see, gave her when the baby ! "

<b><a href="">Christian Louboutin Outlet</a></b>Life around, we often love to play sort of private "against injustice." Usually, it's called "Like father, like son." Another stupid woman could see through an opposite men is not really love her. Another stupid to understand the opposite of men for money or for a woman to love him. But, very often, we do not want to expose the other side, because that "if there is love" feeling good. A person to lie to you and love you, at least, he (she) makes you live better. A person is willing to play the fool, to accept the love of being deceived, description, comfortable fun, it feels really good. The authorities, not fans. But most of the time, pretending confused, because not a good next step to find the way out. Always come up just to understand the truth of the man has a "big man complex", it is always easy to fall in love with a woman he complained. To determine the relationship, she let him understand: a love of the woman complained, its own ability to "big men" into "little man." Men are not too fond of that good woman for him, for their own comfort, he would marry her. A relationship in depth, he will gradually understand: the good of women to men, most kinds of 投资, put into a certain amount after, she began to demand more lucrative returns.

<b><a href="">Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes</a></b>Men are eager to have a confidante, but almost no men have the kind of self-control, can not become the confidante lover. Only he will understand the relationship between metamorphism: friendship can make stupid women remain the intellectual wisdom, love, wisdom, a woman can become stupid stupid. No matter what kind of roots, if they become lovers, they could no longer be friends. Man's ideal life is money, after. Men like women to "have in front of the post." The face of these two ideals, many men will be two-pronged approach, but only someone who will understand: think "there before" after a woman, men have to wait until after the money. Men want a woman as a "fairy tale." Women prefer men like a "myth." "Fairy tale" hit "myth", sudden, are a joke. Love a lot of truth, not nearly to a certain extent, you do not understand its true face. When such a man to understand these, to say "sorry" is already too late, but it does not matter, life will continue.

Friday, 16-Sep-2011 08:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The attitude of men to love

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Handbags</a></b>A woman's eyes, this man has been hopeless world. More and more unbridled men, will be an opening to mention the room the men are more and more. The purpose is to love a woman married to a man's purpose is to love to go to bed! "But girls, men in this world, not everyone did not know restraint. Get a man patient, a woman must have a capital there a guy with his girlfriend will only know how to" hand dating, break up kiss ", never dared to talk." overnight "kind of hot words, lest a careless, to be his girlfriend accused" low "! children around buddies call him tame, he retorted:" Daddy net worth hundreds of millions of people, such as diamond woman, things get to chaos of! Visible. The more a woman's dowry, the more trouble a man go to bed. The more a man's wedding resources, women go to bed more easily. Once, the bed, is the emotional touchstone. Today, the bed is the touchstone of wealth. Therefore, the date, if the man will come on with your hands and feet. Head and do not return, and quickly leave.

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Outlet</a></b>Or that it was a goat; or that he did not take you seriously children. So that men dare you Kaihun with impunity, your body just does not explain his ability Yade Zhu. A man a woman really interesting, not too easy to invite her home. He would take her to parks, cinemas, restaurants and other public places. The more care about a person, a man will learn more conservative, fear of their offensive will be frightened beauty. Women always complain: "Those men told me to mention to open a meeting room, and does not respect me!" Or less speak these words in the future. A man casually on a woman would dare talk "open house" - this is not the change you devaluation of their gravitropism?

<b><a href="">Christian Louboutin Outlet</a></b>Love, a man's pastime, has forced a woman ecstasy endless. However, contemporary society, the ecstasy of love, but also a growing fear that woman. Have, love the steps are: first handle and then kissing, spotted dozens of movie feeling good, then we discuss the bed thing. Today, man's favorite love steps are: first go to bed, if you feel good, talk about kissing handle movie thing. Animal man has always been a straight line, you can spend more time prior to accompany a romantic woman, is limited because public opinion environment, forced to "rule"; Now under the tide of open culture, more and more rules is broken, more and more impatient man naturally. So, straight up in bed more than men. Difference is that a woman with a man: a woman is considering whether to marry a good man, a relationship with him usually do not want to; not even considered a man to marry a woman, she is usually willing to talk to a relationship.

<b><a href="">Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes</a></b>People always say: a woman has a dual nature, especially a woman's mind is always split. Suddenly the angel, sometimes devil. In fact, the issue of love, more men than women were worse than split. Men always say that they prefer those principles of conduct will not easily go to bed with a woman abducted, but really the face of such a woman, men will Ruanmoyingpao stalker. How can a man so to do anything, how can a woman of righteousness? In fact, the beds are not beds, with nothing to marry do not marry. A man will not marry a woman, often from the outset intended to better. After all all the contacts, it is but for the "sub" and "together" look for proof points. Women, if a man exchanges in 2023 also frequently avoid marital problems - you can work towards the best direction to go, but remember, it can also prepare for the worst.

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Flirting, men favorite vanity

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Handbags</a></b>Many women understand: once he catch his hand, he will not as before for their honey in oil. More women will be angry: a man obviously had a woman, but more love for other women whisper softly. Not only because of hand after the treasure, but a man of charm, need to use "woman" to prove. There is such a phenomenon: men and women, in fact, love to chat with the opposite sex. The more people and more situations in more so. Intimacy of two people talking in full swing, after the separation may not say: "What a silly man!" However, everyone in the side of the situation, there is the opposite sex in the next, you are still willing to work with him (her) face with a happy expression laughing. Intimacy of men to women, but also a vanity. This is a good opportunity to prove their charm.

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Outlet</a></b>As a child, in front of the children's faces chosen to ask parents: "Let's go to Disney this week is it?" Also like their parents, the more the more deliberately to the front of people to ask her: "You bought me shoes how much money with? "more like a wife, but at sister in front of Dial-a-husband:" Let's go to Greece and Paris is honeymoon? "Some words, only in front of people say it was the best face. Men and women are talking about "the fun." What is "the fun"? That is: Some people look at when to laugh, but also laughed good-looking; to say, but also to put it nicely. So girls, when the live crowd, there's no reason for your hospitality to men, for the time being, to maintain state, do not have heart too fast! Others in the side when the man is definitely not the most authentic state. Sometimes, the attraction between men and women, under the bed. This is a spiritual confidant, can talk the truth. Sometimes, the attraction between men and women in bed. This is the desire to attract, is the original impulse species.

<b><a href="">Christian Louboutin Outlet</a></b>We are not overly attractive landscaping first, not too negative a second appeal. Man and a woman, as long as there is "attractive", and always have their charm. There are always such a woman, let a man in a certain place without her, or study, or bedroom. But often heard some of the men said: "Although the charming beauty, I love plain ordinary girl looks, because beauty is always too proud, no matter under the bed or the bed." There are girls often complain that they Yurenbushu: "I am holding The purpose of contacts to go to bed with them, but they go to bed immediately after once said to me 'bye'! "really just Yurenbushu it? You know, if you really want a man playing a woman, he can basically willing to get the maximum benefits, that is, it is best to "fresh" account for fill, the men want to marry a woman, she is not only concerned with Virgin, in the not ready to receive her certificate, before a man is willing to hug the girl a few back! Few of any boyfriend, broke up after going to bed each time. Looks like a mass of mystery, in fact, careful study, but two possibilities: either, she likes the man has always been cynical hunter type.

<b><a href="">Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes</a></b>Once succeeded, no longer interested. Or, she never let a man get a real sense of dignity. Go to bed as many men to conquer a woman is the last way can be proud that some women, regardless of which instant, even intimate moments, so that men can be discouraged in the end! In contrast, some women, who before the sloppy, like you said she was tomboy. Her side, still a man dead set on her. Do not think do not understand. Precisely, the "tomboy", and in some private moments with some extraordinary feminine. This feminine, is a frown a smile a fury and anger, said that the woman is water, not only refers to tenderness, but also refers to the changing nature of women, if different sites have different taste, is a woman's ultimate charm. What they seem, always like a woman, the most difficult favored. So, when two people alone, beauty, remove makeup, but also to remove the proud.

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Gentle violence on behalf of a woman's heart

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Handbags</a></b>Described as husband and wife feeling good, noisy more loving, we love to say "playing a pro, yelled at love." In fact, this is only suitable for women. Women like a man, his hands will also move his feet. Men like a woman, only her hands and feet. Total love with a woman's "violent" colors. Violence on others, violence to ourselves. Punched and kicked the more remarkable intimacy. Men's violence is not too direct with the love relationship, it is just to give vent to both a strong and uncertain possessive. Men like gentle woman. Woman's gentle, often just a "love readiness." She is like an angler, watching the water the fish gently, mind reading about: "bite, the bite of." Once the real bite of the hook, she flew into a vicious pull. Fish caught off guard. Presumably, each fish was dragged ashore, like the last thing: The original tender was a trap.

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Outlet</a></b>Woman's gentle, failure is a trap. A woman's gentle, but also the self-confidence. Did not happen, no matter before the woman which men think that all kind of gentle world. Happen, no matter, the woman let a man know, just a gentle legend. Then gentle woman, once in love, there will always be softer side not exposed. She thought there is always fear, fear of love would be too easy to leave. Very strange, the way people express fear, always through the "violence." When a person begins to become manic. Through his sharp eyes, could see his heart, how helpless ... Do the "gentleman" too much. That "charm", a woman think of mind, men think of the chest. Reference to "anyone", a woman think of Liuxia Hui, men think of Aoi. Reference to "courage," women think of men pointing country, men think a woman is pointing. Reference to "physical", a woman think of the heart liver and lung, spleen and kidney, men think of adult products. Reference to "capacity", a woman think of Mercedes-Benz on the gentleman, a man think of the presidential suite of the creature.

<b><a href="">Christian Louboutin Outlet</a></b>Emotional world, a woman in pursuit of belonging, a man more to reflect the animal. Sense of conquest, plunder sense, sense of release ... ... is the heart of every man around the corner. Lady like a gentleman, ladies probably do not hate non-gentleman. We have seen a gentleman, more than 80% is fitted out. The men loaded a gentleman, and everyone looking forward to "a gentleman can not" moment. While the ladies are not the intelligence to understand ways of the world behind. Just like ladies, men with "more a gentleman's way" to do "is not a gentleman's thing." Ladies, the "gentleman", you think too much! The more a man outside a modicum of success, seriousness play every day, elegant, tired, depressed, and more on the original desire for a sense of emotional release.

<b><a href="">Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes</a></b>Kochi lady to give the opposite sex, is the elegant manners, law-abiding, normative, all these qualities is to mobilize the men of a "working" rather than "emotional state." Many men say, "all the ladies to pursue high-end life, I just want to talk about a low point of love"! Women always want to get romantic to a man, men always want women to be more erotic eclectic. No matter how dead serious men, there will be serious on the other side refuses. Have to admit: the more open the woman, make a man more relaxed.

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Between men and women love to camouflage

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Handbags</a></b>Each side is that the man has a woman. As a warning to women, men can see advantages and disadvantages. Woman is the mirror, she always had a way to let him know that his ability far worse than other men. The most popular among men and women "camouflage." Men are usually disguised strong, women are generally pretend fragile. Do not believe you see: more than any of his girlfriend was thrown several times, quit several times by multiple owners, it really does not hurt? Men tighten the waistband also said: "There is no big deal!" Wire cut through the hand skin is, is it than the double-fold eyelids hurt? The former woman will cry for your heart, which woman would smile, "not at all hurt." Men love to a woman in front of other men loaded. A woman in front of their own, usually only to go to bed "routine" only think he is still a man.

<b><a href="">Louis Vuitton Outlet</a></b>Women love to install soft in love before. The real hold-up man, she will also be the liberation of two decades to hide all powerful! Marriage, men and women in camouflage. Not for kidding, just because a guilty conscience and want to own a bit more competitive. After marriage, men and women will continue to camouflage, straight onto the other side first revealed the secret. It was to prove that he is cheated of that party. So. A woman before marriage, just want a husband, with her husband, she wants everything! A man before marriage, you want to countless wife, with his wife, he does not want a! Some girls always pretend to be impatient installed fragile, anxious to say: "the man, obviously young no longer small, how not to say marry me?" Bird shows, the actors are the audience to see through the acting. Men are afraid of a woman's "dress." Men are more afraid of a woman "is not installed." When the woman began to wear, shows her eye on you. When the woman started not installed, means you have to marry her.

<b><a href="">Christian Louboutin Outlet</a></b>There are many men and women, will miss the beloved object. Because the face of love, men and women, universal love "dress." Two men in the side, a woman to talk with one another warm and cold, there may be a test: "That man was I cold, this feel? I ignore him, he will take the initiative to talk to me it? damn guy, men also need such a big about face? Or he simply did not mean for me? "women really like a man, usually not the nerve to take the initiative to say much to him. Women believe that heart faint: the active man, let a woman into a passive.

<b><a href="">Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes</a></b> And a woman thought about this when you already relented. Men are different. Once the love to the power, usually men become eloquent. Maybe he does not want to talk about before, as long as a neat style of the opposite sex came to the front, immediately to mobilize his language nerves. When a man becomes more than words, he echocardiography. In particular, when a woman he thinks is also a good presence, a man becomes like his own: humor, bruising normally see that all the interesting and uninteresting piece; elegant chic, the waiter will take the initiative called pay; kind-hearted generosity, took out five yuan will be rare over money to street children begging.

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